A little Christmas present - for .NET

Just read Eberhard Wolff's newest blog post and simply couldn't resist to borrow the idea and show you, how the same things can be done using Spring.NET. First, here's the .NET version of Eberhard's example:

public class MyRepository
{ }

public class MyService
    public MyRepository MyRepository { get; set; }

Here it is, the smallest possible Spring.NET object. Notice, due to Java's lack of properties the .NET version is even smaller. Still, no attributes, no Spring dependencies - pure code.

How do you wire them? Spring.NET's XML configuration unfortunately lacks Spring.Java's component-scanning as demonstrated in Eberhard's post. But using the new code-based configuration I presented recently, you easily can wire your objects by writing

appContext.Configure(cfg => cfg
     .Scan(scan => scan
        .Include(t => t.FullName.EndsWith("Service") || t.FullName.EndsWith("Repository"))

The example code can be downloaded at SmallestSpringObject.zip

Merry Christmas!

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Welly Tambunan said...

why not just scan for type that marked with Repository and Service attribute in current app domain base dir?